Plansearch and Plansearch Plus

Get the planning information that could vitally affect your clients new home. 

You'd be surprised at what the Local Authority search can overlook! 

When carrying out searches on a client's property, are you getting the complete picture? Standard local authority searches will be restricted to planning applications on the property itself, with the exception of applications for roads and rail. 

Plansearch and Plansearch Plus are the UK's best-selling planning reports, covering planning applications for a radius up to 300 metres (Urban Areas) and 500 metres (Rural Areas) from a property. This means that information which could have a major impact on the enjoyment and value of a home is revealed to a potential buyer. So, if for example a new nightclub or supermarket is being proposed, your client would know about it before exchange. 

Plansearch covers the following:-

Commercial and residential planning applications made since 1997
Land use policies
Aerial photography

Plansearch Plus also includes:-.

Planning decisions on larger applications
Information on telecom masts
Details of footpaths and rights of way
Neighbourhood information on local facilities, schools and crime rates

Plansearch costs just £28.80 (inc. VAT) and Plansearch Plus costs just £37.20 (inc. VAT). Both products enjoy a discount when purchased with an environmental report and are available within 24 hours of receipt of order.

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