ChancelCheck Report

ChancelCheck is a low cost chancel repair liability screening report designed for the conveyancing profession which issues either a Report stating that there is a potential liability within the parish or a Certificate confirming that there is no risk identified for the parish.

It is the only service which combines historical parish boundary data, modern mapping techniques and information derived from the relevant Inland Revenue Index held by the National Archive, in order to accurately establish whether or not a property is within a parish that still retains the potential to charge for the cost of repairs to the church chancel (as recorded within the relevant Inland Revenue Indexes held by the National Archive and in accordance with their Guidance Notes).

The Conveyancing Handbook (13th Edition) states that “Where the liability is not recorded in the title deeds, consideration should be given as to whether it is appropriate to make enquiries”.

Given the following facts, you may consider that carrying out a ChancelCheck is appropriate in every transaction:

  1. Every county in England and Wales has mediaeval “risk parishes”;
  2. Dioceses are already actively registering property in advance of the 12/10/2013 deadline; 
  3. The risk affects property in towns and cities as well as rural areas; 
  4. Liable land can be located anywhere within the “risk parish”, not just near a church; 
  5. 100,000s of properties are located on “liable land” within the mediaeval “risk parishes”.

The ChancelCheck report is available for just £31.20 inc VAT (£26 + VAT).

Click here for a Sample ChancelCheck with potential liability within the parish.

Click here for a Sample ChancelCheck with certificate (no liability within the parish).


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