Flood Reports

According to the Environment Agency, around 5 million people in 2 million properties live in flood-risk areas in England and Wales.

The Landmark Flood Report is the most comprehensive product on the market, giving homebuyers all the vital information that they need on whether their property is at risk.

Traditionally, flood risk has been based on indicative flood data. The Landmark Flood Report is able to differentiate between properties within a flood plain; identifying, for example, those properties on higher ground and which therefore face reduced risk or no risk.

The Landmark Flood Report is available NOW for only £36.00 inclusive of VAT (£30.00 +VAT).

The report assesses these key issues:

  • Flood Risk – Is the property in or within 250 metres of an area affected by flooding (Zone 3) or extreme flooding (Zone 2)?
  • Flood Defence – Is the property in or within 250 metres of flood defences as recorded by the Environment Agency?
  • Flood Defended Area – Is the property in or within 250 metres of an area benefiting from flood defences?

And includes

  • Large scale detail map indicating whether a client’s property is within specific flood zones
  • An overall assessment based on flood results, of whether the property is likely to be affected by flooding
  • Land contours taken into account
  • Flood extents based on 100-year and 1,000-year events
  • The presence of flood or river defences
  • Flood water storage areas

The report also now includes the following datasets, making it the easily the most comprehensive product on the market:

Norwich Union Flood Risk and Insurability - A detailed, property-specific assessment of river and coastal flood risk, covering risk of flooding as well as “insurability risk”.

Insurance Claims - An indication of the insurance claim rating for flooding within the postcode sector, by comparing the number of flood insurance claims made to the number of properties.

British Geological Survey (BGS) Susceptibility to Groundwater Flooding - Identifies where geological conditions could enable groundwater flooding to occur and where groundwater may come close to the ground surface.

BGS Geological Indicators - Indicates those geological deposits which have been associated with flooding in the recent geological past and which therefore may still be vulnerable to flooding.

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If you interested in commercial or non-residential property, then the Argyll FloodSolutions Commercial report is also available, priced from only £162.00 inc VAT.

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